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Order TODAY: The Grandfathers' Promise, is a new and exciting fiction, thriller, and crime novel, that includes a pinch of mystery inside every chapter. You can read the novel in paperback, and several E-Book formats, or listen to the 12 hour audio book adaptation.
Now you can discover the promise.
By: Michael Strong, Author

Please listen to these two (2) mp3 format selected partial chapter samples:
You can purchase the complete approx. 12 hour audio book adaptation below.

Chapter 1: Pages 3 to top of page 9.
00:00 / 12:18
Chapter 10: Book Excerpt
00:00 / 04:29
The Grandfathers' Promise. Front Cover for published paperbacks and E-Books.

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The Grandfathers' Promise. Audio Book version adaptation.

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A note from Michael Strong: The Grandfathers' Promise is available in multiple formats. For my readers, it's available as a Paperback and in many E-Book formats (both publishing soon). For my listeners, I have adapted The Grandfathers' Promise into a full featured, 12 hour long Audio Book, that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) voices for the narrator and over 28+ speaking characters, plus to further enhance the theatrical experience of the Audio Book, I have added a dynamic music track and several hundred sound SFX to keep you inside every twist and turn. Please listen to my two (2) mp3 sample partial chapter above.

You can buy all formats from inside this website.

A thrilling story of a hero seeking redemption.

The Grandfathers' Promise. Worldwide  Stewardship Farms.

Discover the exploits of our hero as he joins together with over 30 other book characters, as they travel the world, struggling to overcome and defeat a Caucus of seven evil men, who are dedicated to securing world domination.

The Kalesto Conflict YouTube Video

The Kalesto Conflict was effectively, the jumping off point for the struggle between The Grandfathers and the Rebel Brigade. Many good souls lost their lives, seeking justice. The Grandfathers' Promise. A new suspense, thriller. Please watch and discover the past.

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